Who are we?

Rifwachter Aquaria is een van de grootste winkels in Nederland op het gebied van aquaristiek. In de eerste plaats zijn wij een speciaalzaak. We specialiseren ons in zowel zoet- als zeewateraquaria. Bij ons vindt u kennis en kunde gecombineerd met passie, creativiteit en beleving. Er zijn zo’n 500 aquaria gevuld met ongeveer 10.000 dieren. Daarnaast hebben we een zeer uitgebreide collectie aquariumplanten in het grootste planteneiland van Nederland.


Rifwachter Aquaria aims to make a successful hobbyist out of each and every one of our customers. Within this aim we do not compromise animal welfare. You can expect honest, knowledgeable and top-quality advice from us.

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Rifwachter Aquaria firmly believe in the quality of the animals we offer. Reasons for this are a strict quarantining policy, varied and species-appropriate feeding regimes and dedicated medical attention for animals that need it. 


To be able to provide you with a guarantee on our fish we will need to investigate the state of your aquarium. Please provide us with a recent photograph and water sample from the aquarium, we will test it free of charge. Guarantee conditions apply.  

The Team



Henk is the nestor of the Rifwachter family. A walking aquarists’ encyclopedia. Especially when it comes to seawater aquariums, his knowledge is unparalleled. He has been with us since the very start and, even though he’s a pensioner now, you can still find him around the shop several days a week.



Kaylee is crazy about aquariums. She knows pretty much every plant, fish and coral in the hobby. This enables her to assist you wherever you are in the shop, and whatever your question is.



The plant-guy. Gert-Jan specializes in creating astonishing aquascapes. An enthusiastic aquarist who will fanatically spend hours upon hours to help you realize your dream aquarium. Gert-Jan co-owns the shop with Daniël.



Bo is the latest addition to our team. After acing all the classes and studies required for a job in the shop, she’s fueled by pure enthusiasm and a passion for customer service. It is her mission to send every visitor of the shop back home feeling properly advised and well taken care of.



Daniël is the engine of the shop. If something breaks, he will fix it. You can usually find him on the seawater side of the shop but he is passionate and knowledgeable about anything that lives, floats, swims and grows underwater. Daniël co-owns the shop with Gert-Jan.


Rifwachter Aquaria is al jaren een erkend leerbedrijf. U zult bij ons dan ook vaak stagiaires zien. Het wordt altijd gewaardeerd als u aan de opleiding van onze pupillen meehelpt door ze u te laten assisteren tijdens uw bezoek aan de winkel. Uiteraard worden ze daarbij (op de achtergrond) begeleid.

Special Offer! Daniël and Gert-Jan are the new owners of Rifwachter Aquaria!!!

To celebrate this, we are offering every customer a one-time 5 euro discount on a purchase over 50 euros! The use of this offer will be registered in your customer account. The offer is available until 31-12-2022.